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Mind Masters in You

You never know what you’re capable of until you just go for it. I’m pretty impressed with myself considering I have never painted carrots before. Thank you Let's Make Art! Some of you have a burning desire to do something in life, especially if you are a business owner. If there was a better time to reinvent yourself now is a great time!! What is your burning desire?

Erin Samaniego

What will you accomplish in the next 12 months?

Mind Masters in You

Mind Masters offers an accountability structure that is designed to help you create new levels of success in your business while balancing other areas of life. It’s challenging to run a business. With our simple program you can powerfully deal with the challenges of juggling business and life and have the success you work so hard to achieve. 

Benefits & Promises of the program:

  • You will accelerate, producing results in your business
  • A community of like-minded business owners who understand what it takes – weekly via Zoom Meetings
  • One on one weekly strategy calls with professional coach who is your champion
  • Accountability and results tracking to help navigate growth
  • Focus and consistency on the highest payoff, highest reward activities
  • Brainstorm solutions to your specific business challenges
  • Develop an Investment Mentality for what it means to create success

We promise, working with us, you will kick ass!

Are you ready to interrupt business as usual and get the results you want?

One Year Entrepreneurs’ Brainstorming Team


  • Stop doing things that don’t work in your business
  • Track your business health metrics
  • Be at risk for what could be
  • Show up and participate in group calls and meetings
  • Share your biggest challenges
  • Be accountable to the group
  • Commit to your program agreement and weekly actions
  • Come back ready to report your results

Included in your tuition:

  • Weekly 90-minute brainstorming sessions
  • Weekly/bi-monthly accountability coaching calls
  • Monthly 90-minute planning sessions
  • Online goal and results tracking
  • Annual Business Strategy Summit ($399 value) 
  • 3 Quarterly Business Strategy Summit ($897 value) 
  • Private Facebook community for resources, support, and discussions.

Annual Program Fee: $4,200

Paid in Full – (Save $350) $3,850


Monthly Payments of $350 per month

Yes I’m ready to receive support for my business!